#CoolGirlsRent Campaign

Photography, Videography, Brand Identity, Social Media 

Fjong︎︎︎ is an unlimited, digital closet in Norway where you can rent the styles and brands you love at a fraction of the retail price. The business supports a sustainable circular-economy mind-set, by allowing customers to rent all the latest styles they love.

The goal of the campaign was to showcase a variety of powerful women ready to face the day in their careers with an endless wardrobe made possible only through Fjong. 

Jens filmed and edited the campaign.  


1.1  ︎Tharsika 

A series speaking to all women through a lense of inclusivity, showing how strong, unique, resiliant and empowering they are.

1.2  ︎Susann

Fjong’s brand identity resonates with millennial consumers who desire a simple and minimal lifestyle.  

1.3  ︎Marie

The #CoolGirlsRent movement continues to grow in popularity. 

Fjong now offers a subscription service to enable consumers to subscribe to their favourite outfits.