Adidas MakerLab

UX, UI, Graphic Design

The adidas MakerLab brings creativity to life. Through the combination of  digital and physical dimensions, the MakerLab proves that adidas is an experimental and agile company not afraid to explore the latest design concepts.

The digital MakerLab connects creators to the MakerLab Network to more easily share design ideas and collaborate across three adidas HQ hubs in Herzogenaurach, Portland, and New York City.

With MakerLab, the possibilities are endless.

1.1  ︎adidas MakerLab Book, Website, and Mobile App. All designed by Jens. 

1.2  ︎adidas MakerLab logo and colours.

The community is the living and breathing soul of the MakerLab. By providing endless supplies, materials, machinery and more, users of the MakerLab can explore new applications of materials and define new concepts for adidas strategies and product development.

The project spanned 18 months, providing an intensive and highly fulfilling project. Jens was the digital product designer and owner of the mobile app. He designed the core functionality for the adidas creators who use the MakerLab daily through various phygital touchpoints. 

Lo-fidelity mock-ups and sketches can be obtained upon request. 

1.3  ︎adidas MakerLab Digital Community

Mobile App

The goal of the app was to bridge together the MakerLab concept. The drive and ambition to build an app was the MakerLab community itself. They are continually inspired with the creativity in which the lab invites. The community is at the core of the collaboration, sharing, and prototyping of new ideas and concepts.    

During the preliminary research phase of this project, it was determined that most employees in the adidas MakerLab did not bring their laptops with them, as the space invited them to leave the office behind and any traditional technology that they used during the workday. Instead, employees readily had their mobile devices to document their creative work.  

Lo-fidelity mock-ups and sketches can be obtained upon request.